Your Care

Quality of Care

Doing more to care for our loved ones is our mission at Mimi’s House.

One of the biggest factors in determining quality of care is the resident-to-caregiver ratio. Simply put, having access to those who provide care improves your overall experience and satisfaction.

At Mimi’s House, we provide a resident-to-caregiver ratio of 4 to 1. That means each of our caregivers will be responsible for the care and comfort of only four residents during the day. At night, when care is less often needed but still vitally important, our resident-to-caregiver ratio is 8 to 1.

Our staff will assist with medication management, as needed. We have 24-hour access to a healthcare administrator and will provide access to your personal physician and any medical in-home care that may be needed on a short-term basis. No matter what time of day or night, you will always have prompt access to the care you need.

Nursing Assitant asks a senior woman how she is feelingYou will receive care from State Tested Nursing Assistants and Certified Nursing Assistants who are trained in providing assistance with the activities of daily living. We are committed to providing caregivers who can effectively manage the challenges ahead, and who will make Mimi’s House a safe, comfortable living environment.

The care guidelines we have developed are based on years of first-hand work with aging adults, including those with dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and stroke, and from our experience working with and communicating to family members who are also adjusting to this new phase of life.

Communication between you and your caregiver is very important. The comprehensive training we provide to Mimi’s House caregivers focuses on understanding your needs and delivering a level of care that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

An important part of making Mimi’s House appealing to you is our ability to provide a respectful, rewarding, and dignified environment in which our caregivers can work. The low resident-to-caregiver ratio greatly improves the job satisfaction of our staff, which enables them to provide more individually focused care and develop greater relationships with you. These are the people who will make your days and nights as comfortable as possible, so earning your trust and confidence is important to us all.

a group of senior people having breakfastYou’ll enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals served in our bright and open dining room. All meals are prepared in our home’s full-size kitchen with your individual preferences and health considerations in mind. Caregivers will be attentive to your needs throughout the day and night, offering refreshing beverages and snacks to keep you feeling your best.

A group of seniors doing chair excercisesRegular activities include visits from a hairdresser, nail treatments, chair exercise, movies, music, crafts, and holiday celebrations. Since we are a small community, we can tailor our activities to things that are fun and engaging to you.

Happy senior woman laughs while enjoying spending time with her adorable young granddaughter. As a resident, Mimi’s House is your home. That’s why family is encouraged to visit frequently. We even make accommodations if family members would like to share in our meals and take part in daily activities. It’s all part of making you feel comfortable and welcome.

There is promise in each new day. A reason, a purpose, something that connects us to each other and the world around us. We find this in the people we meet and the environment in which we live. Mimi’s House is here to help you find the joy in every new day. A place where you’ll truly be at home.