Maineville Home

At Home

Mimi’s House of Maineville is a Residential Assisted Living and Memory Care Home that provides a safe, loving environment and personalized care for seniors who need help with the activities of daily living. We have an excellent caregiver to resident ratio, which enables you to get the assistance you need promptly by an experienced caregiver whom you know and trust. Our outstanding caregiver to resident ratio enables you to get the assistance you need promptly from by an experienced caregiver who you know and trust.

Mimi’s House provides home cooked meals, engaging activities, compassionate caregivers, and a private bedroom suite en suite to call your own. There is plenty of common space for socializing and gathering for meals and activities. The smells of delicious home cooked meals and access to drinks and snacks whenever you want will remind you that this is your home. The aroma of delicious food cooking in the kitchen is just like home! Snacks & drinks are always available throughout the day., as well.

Your daily medications will be managed by our Nurse Care Manager, who will assure that your medicationsthey are given to you accurately on the schedule they are prescribed. Our nurse will be your first contact ifwhen you experience any physical or medical changes or have concerns. She They will be there to address your medical questions and needs, andneeds and will be in close communication with your medical provider, as well as youras well as your family.

We collaborate with experienced nurse practitioners and doctors who can act as your primary care provider to serveprovide all ofall of your medical needs. These primary care providers come to our home to assess and treat you, just like they would if you went to their office. They can order a wide variety of skilled services such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech-Language Therapy to treat you in the home, ,if needed. Audiology, and Ppodiatry, and more will also be available in the home, when ordered by the nurse practitioner. Having these services come to your home alleviates the burden of having to travel to appointments., as well as enables your care provider to see how you are doing in your home environment.

This unique senior environment is located down a long lane in the quiet and quaint town of Maineville, Ohio. Our beautiful covered outdoor patio is inviting with fresh air, bird watching, and plenty of seating for family visits. Because this is your home, family and friends are always welcome to visit and join us for a meal.