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This is the very first entry in the Mimi’s House Journal and Mark and I are so proud to finally share it with you!

A lot of research, training, planning, and hard work have gone into creating Mimi’s House. But there’s so much more than can be seen by looking at a roof, a bedroom, comfortable furniture and new landscaping. Mimi’s House is filled with lessons we learned from our parents…with insights gained over the years from our siblings, children, friends, coworkers and clients…and with experiences working for years with adults and families who are dealing with the challenges of aging. Mimi’s House is so much more than just brick and mortar.

Without knowing it, Mark and I have been on the path to Mimi’s House for years. When my own mother’s health was failing, it was clear that she was no longer safe alone in her apartment. My brother and I had a lot of difficulty finding a place where Mom would feel at home. To begin with, it was tough on all of us coming to grips with the fact that leaving her apartment and independence behind was in her best interest. And it was made so much more difficult by the choice of facilities available to us. There was no homey feeling anywhere, just long hallways, impersonal décor, and staff members that seemed to lack the compassion we would expect for our loved one.

Now, as Mark and I look ahead to the care that his parents will eventually need, we want to offer them more than was available for my mom. That’s why we were so excited when we learned about Residential Assisted Living, a new approach to providing care to aging adults. A Residential Assisted Living – or RAL – facility allows those who need assistance with the activities of daily living to reside in a real home. RAL facilities look and feel like any home in a residential neighborhood, with a yard, neighbors, and access to the amenities of suburban living. This is the kind of approach to care we’ve been looking for, and we think there are many others who agree!

So, a couple years ago, Mark and I decided to embark on a new professional journey, one that allowed us to take our collective expertise and create a new option for care, right here in Greater Cincinnati. We’ve created a place where people can find the assistance they need while preserving their dignity and enriching everyday life. And while it may be too late to offer this care to my mother, Mark and I are grateful for the chance to bring this option to our community.

There is promise in each new day. A reason, a purpose, something that connects us to each other and the world around us. We find this in the people we meet and the environment in which we live. Mimi’s House is here to help you find the joy in every new day. A place where you’ll truly be at home.

Welcome to Mimi’s House!

– Janet

What Kind of Care is Right for You?

Caregiver helping senior woman down stairsAs Janet mentioned in our first Journal entry, understanding when it’s time to consider new living arrangements is a difficult time for everyone involved. After all, this is a significant transition away from independent living and into a new home that will be unfamiliar at first.

There are several options available when it comes to selecting the right assisted living facility for you or a loved one. Of course, there are residential assisted living facilities like Mimi’s House. But there are other options like nursing homes and continuing care retirement communities with different levels of care and living environments.

It’s important to understand the options available as you begin to consider next steps. We found this helpful article published by the National Institute on Aging that may help you better understand the many choices you have.

Click on the link below to read more about your long-term care options.

– Mark

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